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What is your complete daily skin care routine?


Being a ‘beauty junkie’ I like to chop & change products as I research all of the latest technology. I trial new products A LOT! My skin is sensitive with an oily t-zone (read: large pores) & dryness around the eyes (too much squinting at a laptop). Six months ago I started using the Rationale ‘Essential six’ from Australian dermatologist Richard Parker ( which is 6 products (duh!), 3 morning & 3 at night (cleanser, serum, moisturizer). They focus on active ingredients that noticeably improve your skin & I can truly say that my skin has never looked better.

I never leave home without my La Prairie skin caviar eye complex ( which is the only product that seems to truly rehydrate the fine lines around my eyes.

My sunscreen of choice is Cosmedix reflect SPF30 ( which is natural, totally disappears on the skin & doesn’t block pores. For the hormonal zit, which arrives right on schedule every month, you can’t go past Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel (,default,pd.html). The best Lip product I’ve tried (& which I use every night) is YSL re-plumping concentrate ( I also use a chemical exfoliant (glycolic acid) once or twice a week: Alpha H Liquid Gold is the BOMB ( every beauty editor I know swears by it & it helped one finally rid herself of acne after trying everything. It’s an overnight ‘facial in a bottle’.